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Sample translation projects:

Marketing materials

  • In-house magazine, Automotive sector

  • General engineering articles: Smart factories, Bespoke CNC, Cloud backup

Company presentations

  • Shareholder presentation, Steel tubing for the oil and gas industry

  • Sales presentation, Mobile apps company

  • Spanish government agency (cultural diplomacy)


  • Website design consultancy, Barcelona

  • Film Festival, Canary Islands

  • Independent secondary school, Madrid

  • Winery, Malaga

Computer Robot

Background Experience:

Telecoms - starting as a Technical Marketing Manager in 1994 and becoming  3G Global Marketing Manager in 2000: Technical Communication, Proposals and Training. White papers, brochures, product roadmaps and web content for technical and commercial audiences. 

Travel and Tourism - Since 2003, I have been responsible for marketing at a successful business hosting international courses and holidays near Granada, Andalusia: website, SEO, portals, social media and customer enquiries.

I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing ​​with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK

Marketing Translations

Technical Marketing


Sample translation projects:

  • Technical description documents: Mobile apps, Fibre optic cable, Condition monitoring system (thermoelectric power plant)

  • Technical requirements specification documents: WiFi solution, IPTV Monitoring System

  • User guides: Operation manual for training system simulating Industry 4.0 smart factory

  • Analysis document: Humanitarian Demining in Colombia including technical annexes (35,200 words)

  • Technical invitation to tender documents: Gas and oil pipelines, Fibre optics

Cable-Stayed Bridge Tower

Background Experience:

After graduating in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Bristol (UK), I worked as a software/firmware design engineer for 7 years, specialising in telecoms, speech recognition and speaker  verification.

 I then worked in technical marketing and marketing management roles in Motorola's European Cellular Infrastructure Division for seven years, specialising in GSM, GPRS and 3G technologies. I wrote, reviewed and edited white papers, brochures, technical sales training material, website content and technical RFPs. My particular focus was - and is - on making sure that highly technical content is made relevant and understandable for commercial audiences.

Engineering, Manufacturing, Technology Translations


Travel, Tourism and Culture Translations


Sample translation projects:

Travel and Tourism, Marketing

  • Airline Customer Services Manual

  • Guide to Seville, Andalusia

  • Guide to Vitoria, Basque Country

  • Marketing Strategy Report, Airport Expansion

  • Market Research Report, Golf on the Costa del Sol, Spain

Film and Culture

  • Monthly guide to theatre/music/events, Southern Spain (~5,000 words monthly)

  • Cultural/business/tourism articles, Spanish government agency (~5,000 words monthly)

  • Subtitle translation: Documentary short film

  • Film script: (20,000 words)


Background Experience:

Since 2003, I have been joint owner and marketing manager for a successful business  hosting international courses and holidays near Granada, Andalucia, Spain. I designed  and implemented the website, and continue to manage SEO, portals, social media and customer enquiries. See El Molino del Conde

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